Fibre Heroes Donate Easter Eggs to

Care Homes and Food Banks in Three Underserved Towns

FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes is to deliver a total of 200 chocolate eggs to care homes in Droitwich and food banks in both Cinderford and Ross-on-Wye.


As a network provider, Fibre Heroes is committed to providing access to reliable and unlimited internet in underserved towns across the UK but also aim to invest in these areas through community and outreach programmes.

Westmead Residential and Woodland View are the two care homes to receive a donation in Droitwich, and the two food banks include Forest Food Bank in Cinderford and the Monmouth and Ross Catholic Food Bank in the town of Ross-on-Wye.

Community Ambassador, Jack Jennings had this to say:

“We think it’s important to remain active in the communities we’re currently serving not only to be present for our local customers but also give something back. We hope these donations will be a make a small difference this Easter.”

Deliveries will be made between the 4th and 7th April.

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Fibre Heroes are swooping in to save underserved market towns across the country, by providing ultrafast fibre broadband to 500,000 homes and businesses by 2025.

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