Fibre Heroes are to Stop Slow

Shrewsbury Internet Right in its Tracks!
With COVID-19 highlighting the importance of a strong internet connection at home, Fibre Heroes are delighted to announce that we are coming to Shrewsbury to level the digital playing field.

Thanks to our full fibre network, Shrewsbury will benefit from ultrafast internet to aid in the home schooling of students and the home working for those who can where possible.

We focus our full fibre network builds in underserved towns who have been deemed not profitable to the larger corporations. There is no town too small for Fibre Heroes!

Our CEO, Oliver Helm, commented: “Full Fibre’s mission has always been to deliver pure fibre, wholesale only networks to underserved market towns.  The current environment has highlighted more than ever the need for gigabit-capable fibre broadband to be available as standard.

As we invest millions of pounds into these market towns, our new fibre infrastructure will help to revitalise businesses, drive economic growth and unlock social mobility where traditional copper services have frustrated progress.”

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Fibre Heroes are swooping in to save underserved market towns across the country, by providing ultrafast fibre broadband to 500,000 homes and businesses by 2025.

Fibre Heroes is part of Full Fibre Limited. Prices shown are indicative of ISP pricing and subject to change.

Terms and Conditions


This information does not constitute an offer by Full Fibre Limited (“Full Fibre”) which is available to you to accept (or transfer or sell). Instead, Full Fibre is putting in place a network which would enable those ISPs which sign up to using that network to offer their own customers prices in the ranges illustrated. These prices (which would include free standard installation and VAT) are indicative only and whether they will be available to you depends on the following factors:-

  • Has your ISP signed up to using Full Fibre’s network?
  • Is your ISP offering these prices? Which prices are offered to end-users ultimately depend on the ISP concerned and Full Fibre does not control this decision or impose prices.
  • Has the Full Fibre network gone live in your area?
  • Are there any technical or other issues affecting your access to the Full Fibre network?
  • Would you be a new fibre connection with the ISP? The indicative prices are not aimed at an ISP’s existing customers.

Full Fibre also reserves the right to amend these price illustrations (and its website generally) at any time.”