Frequently Asked Questions

A full fibre connection between your home and our fibre network, no copper at all. A FullFibre connection will drastically improve your online experience at home. HD and 4K streaming will be easy no matter how many people are online. Remote working will become more reliable as well as faster and your new up-to-date connection will be ready for any new technology coming.

The vast majority of the internet packages in the country that are marketed ‘fibre’ are actually FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), which is only partially a fibre optic connection. In this scenario they usually use fibre optic cabling from the telephone exchange building to a cabinet (usually the green box in the road near your house) and then from the cabinet to your property they would use slower copper wiring. This, in comparison to a FullFibre connection would severely limit your speeds. Through utilising a FullFibre connection with fibre optic cabling directly to your property you will receive ultra-fast reliable service capable of gigabit speeds.

3a. How can I connect my property?

Find out if your property is covered by our network using our postcode checker here

3b. I live in a flat, is it still possible to get a FullFibre connection?

Yes, you can still benefit from a FullFibre connection if you live in a flat, to find out if your flat is withing our network coverage please check here

3c. Do you offer FullFibre connections for businesses?

Yes, commercial and business packages are available, for more information please register your details here

You will be able to take advantage of your new connection as soon as it is installed, to see if our network build is completed and register your interest in receiving email updates when your area is ready for service.

The time it takes to complete our network build in each location can vary depending on size and complications that we may encounter. While you may see our teams actively building our network in your area, there are other elements of the network build required before we are ready to install a FullFibre connection to your property. For the latest updates please check our social media channels and follow us for further news. If you would like to receive an email update when services are becoming available in your area then please register you interest here

Our goal is to connect as many properties, homes, and businesses as possible in order to help bring the UK into the future of gigabit capable network speeds. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to serve every town, when planning our network build, we must consider several factors such as physical and legal constraints, due to this on occasion we are not able to cover a certain area. We apologise for any inconvenience.

7A) If you are not happy with the contact from one of our partnered ISP’s.

We’re sorry to hear that you feel like you’re not being kept up to date. For the most up to date information please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) directly. For queries relating to orders placed with our Partner ISPs we are unable to give direct information relating to these via our enquiry channels.  

7B) If you would like to report damage to our network infrastructure.

If you have spotted any damage to any of our network infrastructure then please contact us via email at

7C) If you would like to give feedback about a Fibre Hero that you feel deserves some recognition.

If one of our Fibre Heroes has gone above and beyond to ensure that you have received an excellent experience, then please let us know by emailing us at

It is always our preferred method of delivery to use existing underground ducting built by Openreach, however in some rare cases we have found that areas were built using an out-of-date build method known as direct bury. In areas such as this it may be necessary to install telegraph poles in order to bring a FullFibre connection in line with the government goal of bringing the UK to gigabit capable speeds.

In the rare instances where we do have to erect telegraph poles, small fibre cables may be run between new poles, but only properties that place an order with a FullFibre partnered ISP will be directly connected, we will not be forcing anyone to have an overhead cable installed to their property.

For all enquiries about joining the team, staffing and updates on career opportunities please see all of our current vacancies here:

If you are looking to carry out work for us as a contractor, you will need a minimum of 5 gangs and an approximate annual turnover of two million GBP.

Some existing areas of underground infrastructure, previously installed by Openreach have been used in a method called ‘direct bury’. This means that there is no existing duct to thread the fibre cables through.

In order to take all of this copper network out, we would have to close the road for longer and cause severe disruption for an extended period of time.

For more information about direct bury, please read our blog post or view our informational video.

An install directly into your home should take no longer than 1 day. However, if we identify problems that weren’t highlighted originally within our surveys, this timeframe can be extended to ensure the quality of work is upheld. We will keep you notified if this is the case.

This letter is simply a notification that we will be erecting telegraph poles in your area. You do not have to respond if you do not wish to.

If you can see that there is an issue with a specific pole location, you can contact us through Our team will review all concerns over these locations to see if there any suitable and appropriate adjustments that can be made.

The installation of new poles is permitted under the Local Planning Legislation if the existing infrastructure cannot be utilized.

Our teams are hard at work building the network ready for you all! Check out your local town page and enter your address to see when a full fibre connection can come to your home.

Fibre Heroes are swooping in to save underserved market towns across the country, by providing ultrafast fibre broadband to 500,000 homes and businesses by 2025.

Fibre Heroes is part of Full Fibre Limited. Prices shown are indicative of ISP pricing and subject to change.

Terms and Conditions


This information does not constitute an offer by Full Fibre Limited (“Full Fibre”) which is available to you to accept (or transfer or sell). Instead, Full Fibre is putting in place a network which would enable those ISPs which sign up to using that network to offer their own customers prices in the ranges illustrated. These prices (which would include free standard installation and VAT) are indicative only and whether they will be available to you depends on the following factors:-

  • Has your ISP signed up to using Full Fibre’s network?
  • Is your ISP offering these prices? Which prices are offered to end-users ultimately depend on the ISP concerned and Full Fibre does not control this decision or impose prices.
  • Has the Full Fibre network gone live in your area?
  • Are there any technical or other issues affecting your access to the Full Fibre network?
  • Would you be a new fibre connection with the ISP? The indicative prices are not aimed at an ISP’s existing customers.

Full Fibre also reserves the right to amend these price illustrations (and its website generally) at any time.”