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The pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our lives; more specifically, it has changed the way we work.   

Working from home (WFH) has become a crucial element in our day-to-day lives and has opened many eyes and minds in their approach to employee welfare and flexibility.   

When employees had the option for flexible working, burnout at work decreased by 26%, innovation increased by 63% and work engagement increased by 75%.   

We wanted to take the time to tell you our top working from home productivity tips, to ensure that you can benefit from this flexible working solution 


It is easy to have increased distractions around you when not in the office. These distractions could take the form of pets, TV/radio noise or neighbours. It is crucial to identify what could be distracting you and either remove them from your working environment or remove yourself to ensure that you can focus entirely on your work.   

Get Ready for Work

Working from home offers a great deal of comfort. You can wear your slippers or even get away with your pyjamas.   

However, studies have shown that getting ready for work as you would typically, such as showering and changing into casual clothes, will help to keep your brain in a similar headspace as if you were going into the office.   

The temptation is apparent to work in dressing gowns and tracksuits, but by ensuring that you are well kept and dressed (even if you do not have video calls), you are setting yourself up for a great day of work.    

Working Environment   

Similar to what we mentioned above, placing yourself in a suitable home working environment can help maximise productivity. Is there a quiet space in your home that you can work from? Is there a separate room? If not, can you create a productive working environment in the space you have?  

Ensure that your workspace can cater for all of the daily appliances you will need, i.e. having enough space for your notepads, laptop, monitor and keyboard.  

A Good Internet Connection   

The quality of your internet connection could make or break your experience when working from home – being used to business broadband when in the office can be quite a shock to some when comparing the difference to their residential connection.   

Our networks are faster than the traditional Openreach network and can offer lightning-fast speeds capable of hosting all of your virtual meetings, file downloads and cloud storage.   

Social Media   

Now that you are working in your own home, it may be easier to drift onto a mindless social media scroll with no one is watching.   

To avoid distraction, use blocking websites/apps to help restrict your access by setting specific timeframes in which you cannot visit those sites. Outside of the selected hours, you can browse guilt-free!   

Don’t forget your breaks.   

Just because your location has altered, it doesn’t change the importance of taking breaks! Breaks are allowed in business to recharge, refuel and allow yourself a period to relax. This includes taking a lunch break, resting your eyes from looking at your screen and walking around to keep blood flowing.   

Team Communication   

A struggle of not working in the office is not seeing your team daily. However, you are not alone. Consider effective team communication by having more calls and messages to ensure everyone is staying on track as it is always important to ensure that team productivity (as well as your own) remains high during the periods of WFH.   

Staying Productive even at home   

Not being in the office really shakes up your daily routine. However, by ensuring you keep it as similar to normality as possible and implementing these tips, you provide yourself with the best chance of optimum working from home productivity.   

For more information, browse the rest of our blog posts or alternatively, if you are worried about the speed of your internet, check the progress we are making in your towns now.  

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