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With the rise and access in technology, a lot of people have found themselves asking ‘what is a good home internet speed?’. What has been seen as a recent introduction into homes has quickly developed into a necessity and a primary factor when considering moving into a new home.

We wanted to discuss what speeds you should be looking for if you are thinking of moving into a new home or upgrading your home broadband.

Good Internet Speed for your Home

It is quite a subjective answer given that everyone’s internet demands will be different.

With this being said, the quicker the better, but we find that around 30Mbps tends to be a speed that can cope with average family usage.

If you are noticing any speed issues, we have an entire dedicated blog post about how you can improve your internet speed.

Why you need a good internet speed

Speed is the very foundation of how we engage with the internet. It is what makes it a seamless process, or one filled with frustration, stress and anger.

Knowing that you have a great internet speed can really provide great peace of mind. No unhappy kids, frustrated clients/colleagues and no teasing from friends and family when they try to connect to the internet.

Of course, it goes without saying about the wonderful advantages it can bring to working from home that will allow you to start that business idea you’ve been planning for a few years.

What is a good Internet speed for Gaming?

For a great experience for gaming, all you need is more than 5Mbps. That’s it.

Now that doesn’t sound like a lot, and it isn’t, but where the benefit of fibre comes in is the minimal input delay; how closely your mouse movement aligns with your character movement.

This is what will make your performance better.

What is a good internet speed for Streaming?

For the major online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or Apple TV, you will require at least 25 Mbps to avoid consistent buffering.

If you want to stream in ultra-HD 4K definition, this number will need to increase significantly.

What is a good internet speed for working from home?

Your upload speed is equally as important as your download speed if you need a good connection for working from home.

This is because of the importance of communication and file uploading as well as downloading email attachments, content and images.

A good internet speed to work from home is at least 15 Mbps to confidently appear on work calls, download & upload files with no stress and ensure high quality work is delivered.

Take our Internet Speed Test

If you are unsure about how fast your current internet connection is, you can take our internet speed test in order to benchmark your current internet speeds.

You can compare this speed against the promised speeds as part of your package to see if you are receiving the speeds you are paying for.

Is it in need of improvement? If so, we may be able to help.

Sign Up to a Great Home Internet Speed

If you think you are in need of an upgrade in internet speed, please use our postcode checker to see if we are building in your area. We focus our efforts on the underserved towns and villages of the UK.

If you have any other questions or queries, please do get in touch with our expert team by emailing enquiries@fullfibre.co or filling out our online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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