Top Tips for Switching Broadband

Provider When Moving Home

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Moving home is always exciting and a little bit scary… Rushing to get everything packed in time, hoping the movers haven’t lost any of your boxes and most importantly, remembering where you put the teabags!

According to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, one in three people face delays when getting their broadband working in their new home, with some waiting more than two weeks.

If you’re shuddering at the prospect of not being able to get online, here’s our guide to choosing a new broadband provider.

Get sorted as soon as possible

It’s always good to arrange the broadband for your new home a month or so before moving.

If you’re sticking with the same broadband provider, as long as they have coverage in the area, all you need to do is let them know when you’re moving. They’ll ensure your broadband is up and running when you move in.

Sometimes it can be easier to move your current broadband provider across and start looking for a new provider when you’re settled in.

Keen to start searching for a new broadband provider now? It’s time to grab a cup of coffee, your favourite biscuits and start doing your research!

Check your existing contract

If you want to move broadband providers, you’ll need to check to see if you’re locked into a contract. You may have to pay a termination fee for leaving early if you are.

Some providers may waive this fee for you; it never hurts to ask.

If you’re on a rolling monthly contract, you’ll be able to cancel, although you may need to give notice first.

Check who can provide coverage

Broadband coverage varies throughout the UK. As a rule of thumb, larger cities have more options than smaller, more remote areas (although Fibre Heroes is looking to change that!).

Uswitch has a broadband checker on its website – just put in the postcode of your new property, and it will tell you which packages are available.

See which broadband package is right for you

When you know what is available, you need to look at all the options and see which is right for you. Some broadband providers offer a range of different packages.

Look at:

  • What speed you will get. If you don’t use the internet much, you can probably get away with a lower speed. If you’re online a lot or use it for streaming, gaming or video calls, you’ll want a faster package. The average UK download speed is 50mbs, however you can expect speeds of up to 20x faster with Fibre Heroes
  • What the cost will be. Some packages will be more expensive than others. You may also need to pay more for a shorter contract
  • What type of broadband you will get. Is it ADSL, full fibre or cable? Not that we like to blow our own trumpet, but full fibre is faster and more reliable!
  • If there are any added features. Some providers offer broadband and TV together in one bundle. This can be more cost-effective than paying for both separately, but do check to make sure you’re getting a good deal
  • If there are any restrictions. Some packages have rules in place, such as limited data
  • If there are any freebies. Some packages come with goodies such as SIM cards and free online streaming subscriptions. While these can be great, they could also make your package more pricey
  • How long the contract will be. Contracts can vary between 12 and 24 months – if you want to leave before then, you may need to pay a fee

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Most broadband providers will be more than happy to chat about the pros and cons of their various packages, either through online chat or on the phone.

Ask for an honest opinion

Sometimes it’s good to ask people living nearby what their broadband is like. If you know someone living in the area, drop them a message and ask who they use for their broadband.

If you don’t know anyone, check and see if there is a Facebook group or online forum for where you’re moving to. Introduce yourself and ask what broadband provider everyone uses.

Fibre Heroes: Full fibre broadband, wherever you are

It’s our vision to build a full fibre broadband network for poorly connected homes across the UK, from market towns like Leominster to the quietest villages. This means no matter where you are; you can take advantage of ultra-fast broadband that lets you stream, game and surf the web with complete confidence.

Our team can’t pack your valuables or drive the removal van, but we can provide you with the best full fibre around.

Visit our location checker to see if we’ll be waiting to welcome you to your new home.

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