Top 10 Marvel-lous

Superhero Jokes For Kids

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Superheroes aren’t often known for being the cheeriest of people. Look at the tragic origin story of Batman, and you’ll understand why he doesn’t crack jokes all that often.

To celebrate National Let’s Laugh Day on 19th March, we’ve pulled together our favourite superhero puns to give you a good giggle.

Whether you’re team Marvel or team DC, we’ve got all the winning wisecracks.

  1. How does Wonder Woman get her weapons?

Through Amazon Prime!

  1. Why is it so easy for Superman to jump higher than tall buildings?

Because tall buildings can’t jump!

  1. What do you call Wolverine on 25th December?

Santa Claws!

  1. Why couldn’t Batman go fishing?

Because Robin ate all the worms!

  1. What’s the Hulk’s favourite drink?

Fruit punch!

  1. Why did Thor avoid Loki?

Because he Odin money!

  1. What’s Black Panther’s favourite day of the week?


  1. What would happen if Iron Man and the Silver Surfer teamed up?

They would be alloys!

  1. How did Spiderman learn how to use his superpowers?

The World Wide Web!

  1. Why do superheroes always get the bad guys?

Because they’re so cape-able!

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