How Full-Fibre Broadband Will

Change Your Gaming Experience

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All gamers understand the importance of fast internet and reduced lag time when it comes to their gaming experience. Full fibre means you never have to compromise on your performance, giving you the chance to defeat your most mighty opponents.

Here’s how full fibre broadband will change your gaming experience:

The need for speed

Performing at the speed of light, full-fibre broadband is unbeatable when it comes to your internet connection. Depending on your location, we’re talking speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, which means you can rely on your broadband not to fail you when you’re on that winning streak.


High latency creates a longer lag, which is how long it takes to send a command or data to the game’s server and is extremely frustrating to a gamer. The lower the latency, the smoother your game will be.

Latency is measured in milliseconds (Ms) and anything below 40Ms is considered good, but the closer you can get to 0Ms, the better. With full fibre broadband, you can wave goodbye to that dreaded lag and concentrate on the competition.


Direct, full fibre broadband means consistent connection even at peak times. This is because full fibre is a lot more resistant to interference or changes in temperature, meaning it’s much less likely to let you down during those crucial gaming moments.

Future proof

As video games continue to advance in terms of graphics, eye-tracking and audio, full fibre will allow gamers to experience everything as it’s designed. This is especially the case when it comes to Virtual Reality or VR which allows a user to virtually step into a game and interact with their environment. This is only possible with ultrafast, full fibre broadband that provides enough bandwidth for a complete VR experience.

When it comes to choosing your broadband as a gamer, full fibre is the only connection to provide ultrafast, consistent speeds without interruption. The only downside is that your internet can no longer be blamed when you lose.


To see if you can access full fibre broadband built by ourselves and served by our partners, fill out our postcode checker or research our partners to see if they can help you defeat your gaming woes.

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