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The last box has been unpacked, the broadband has been set up, and the champagne has been popped… congratulations, you’re officially moved in!

Not in a position to invite people round for a housewarming party? An Instagram account can be a fantastic way to show off your brand new home décor to friends, family and followers.

As well as sharing your fab furniture and wonderful walls, a home Instagram account can be a nice little earner. According to estate agents Ellis & Co, dedicated ‘Grammers can earn up to £1,680 per post they publish.

So, what steps do you need to take to show off your brand new digs? Let’s take a look.

Remember… safety first

Instagram has been used to steal from celebrities’ homes, so it’s essential to make sure your details stay safe. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

  • Avoid photos showing exactly where you live, like street names and home numbers. Criminals can put this information together to work out your address
  • Turn location settings off on your phone
  • Always get consent from people before including them in your photos, and avoid sharing pictures of children where possible
  • Don’t announce when you’re on holiday or away from home for an extended amount of time

If you only want to share your home décor with trusted friends and family members, it’s best to keep your account private. That way, people will need to request access to see your photos.

Look to similar accounts for inspiration

When you’re starting out on Instagram (or any social media platform), it can be hard to know what to post about. It’s always good to follow some accounts similar to yours.

Instagram has a great search functionality that you can use to scope out particular hashtags.

Plus, as Instagram gets a feel for what you like, it will even suggest accounts you might want to follow.

Totally stuck? Here are some of our favourite home accounts to get you started.

 Take time creating the perfect shot

Several years ago, you needed an expensive DLSR camera to take great photos. Now you can take the same high-quality images on your phone!

Not at Bailey or Rankin’s level of photography expertise? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Here are our tips for taking a fantastic photo.

  • Natural light is your friend. Take photos in well-lit rooms or near windows for images that will really pop
  • The rule of thirds can help you create exciting photos – if your camera has a grid, switch it on and use it to mix things up a little
  • Consider a theme for all the photos you take – many interior design experts centre their Instagram photos around a specific colour or texture to ensure all their photos look cohesive
  • Don’t be afraid to edit your photos before you upload them. Many phones come with easy-to-use photo editing software that lets you crop and brighten your images
  • Clean your camera lens before you take a photo! You’d be surprised how much grime and grease builds up

Consider videos

As the old saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. However, a well-thought-out video can say even more!

Videos generate more engagement than photos when it comes to Instagram, with 131% more comments.

You can share videos up to 60 minutes long on Instagram; however, bear in mind that only the first 60 seconds will appear on your feed.

Why not create a fun timelapse of you painting a room, a one-take video of your garden or a before/after montage of your new kitchen? The possibilities are endless!

Have fun

It may sound a little corny, but setting up and managing a home Instagram account should be fun to do and not a chore.

Experiment, take the time to chat with people who follow you and don’t panic if you don’t get the engagement you wanted. After all, Instagram lets users hide likes for a reason

Supercharge your social media with Fibre Heroes

A fantastic social media account deserves the very best broadband connection.

We provide reliable and fast full fibre broadband across the UK. No matter how many devices you’re using and how many people in the house are online, you’ll still be able to enjoy high-speed internet.

This means more time deciding which photo to upload and less time stressing over your Wi-Fi connection. Likes all round!

Check out our speed test today and see how your current broadband compares.

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