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Think back to just ten years ago. If someone told you that you’d be able to control your lighting, heating and turn on the television just by speaking, you’d think they were a bit weird!

Smart home devices have now taken the world by storm, with 25% of homes in the UK owning at least one.

If you’re new to smart home devices and are interested in getting one, you may be wondering which is the right choice for your family. We’ve put together this guide to help you pick the perfect smart device.

Powering these smart home devices is a lot easier on a full fibre broadband. You can also learn why it’s perfect for family visits too!

What is a smart home device?

A smart home device is a piece of electrical equipment that connects to the Wi-Fi in your home. You can control most of these devices through apps on your mobile phone. They also use artificial intelligence (AI) to gather data and make decisions on your behalf.

Some of the most popular smart home devices currently on the market include:

  • Smart TVs which you can use to stream your favourite shows or watch YouTube videos
  • Smart plugs which check your energy consumption and let you turn appliances off and on
  • Smart lights which you can change the colour and brightness of
  • Smart meters which let you adjust the heat of your rooms and set timers
  • Smart doorbells which let you know when someone is at the door
  • Smart speakers which play music and search the internet for you

New smart devices are coming to the market all the time. For example, the next few years will see the introduction of a smart toilet that can recommend how you can improve your diet!

Which smart home device is right for your home?

If you don’t know your Google Nest from your Hive Home, these tips will help you choose the right one.

What do you want your smart home device to do?

A good starting point is to think of a problem you have and how a smart home device can make life better.

For example, let’s say you’re fed up with yelling ‘this isn’t Blackpool Illuminations or Piccadilly Circus!’ at the kids when they leave lights on. Smart lighting that you can turn off automatically will help you save money, as well as your voice.

Do you have dogs that you leave at home while you go to work? A smart camera means you can check up on your pooches throughout the day and even receive alerts if they decide to take a sneaky nap on your bed.

What’s your budget?

Smart home devices vary in price, with some of the more expensive costing thousands of pounds. The good news is as the technology improves it becomes more affordable.

If you’re looking for something to get you started, an excellent place to begin is with a smart speaker.

Devices like Google Nest, Amazon Echo and the HomePod Mini let you stream your favourite podcasts and answer phone calls – costing as little as £30.

Our top tip: watch out for smart home devices online during events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. These are great times to bag yourself some bargains!

What will it integrate with?

One of the significant advantages of smart home devices is that they’re designed to be used with other devices. By linking them all up and using them alongside each other, you can save yourself a lot of time.

For example, devices that are compatible with Amazon Alexa (the voice assistant that powers devices like the Amazon Echo) can be controlled by voice.

70% of people who buy one smart home device go on to buy at least one more. When you do your research, look at what your smart home device will integrate with.

Planning to stock up on smart home devices? Fibre Heroes is here to help!

The average person has access to nine connected devices in their home.

Whether you’re watching your favourite series on Netflix or having a mini disco in your kitchen, it’s essential to make sure your smart home devices are running at maximum speed.

If you’re looking for quick broadband, we’ve got your back. We specialise in installing ultrafast full fibre broadband connections to poorly connected towns across the UK such as the beautiful canal town of Stourport, that are up to twenty times faster than the UK average.

Wherever you’re in the UK, and no matter how many smart speakers you own, Fibre Heroes has got you sorted!

Check your availability today and see when we’re coming to you.

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