6 Fun, Free Educational

Games for Children

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Whether your little ones have their own tablet or grab your smartphone when you’re not looking, it’s essential to have some educational games on standby. There are lots of great educational games out there that not only keep your kids entertained but help their development too. Plus, many of them are free to download… win-win!

Here are some of our favourite free educational games available both on the web and through your smartphone’s app store.

Looking to monitor the content your little ones look at? Check out our guide to parental controls.

National Geographic Kids

Got a budding David Attenborough on your hands? If the answer is yes, the National Geographic Kids website has lots of puzzles and quizzes to keep the whole family entertained.

Our favourite section is the online games where you answer questions as you go along. Trust us; you’ll be playing as much as the kids!

Stop Motion Cartoon Maker

If you want to keep the little ones quiet for a few hours, why not encourage them to create their own stop motion cartoon?

This is when you move objects ever so slowly to make it look like they’re moving on film.

Chicken Run, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline were all made this way.

Stop Motion Cartoon Maker is available on Android and is simple enough for young filmmakers to use. Let them create a masterpiece, then dim the lights, find the popcorn and get ready to enjoy a fantastic film premiere.

Daisy the Dinosaur

While it’s a little early to think about what your children will be in the future, you can’t go wrong with coding as a career. By 2030, 45 million people worldwide will work in software development!

Daisy the Dinosaur is a great Apple app that introduces the concept of coding to little ones aged between six and eight. Kids can use commands and processes to move Daisy around the screen, learning as they go.

Lego DUPLO World

Who doesn’t love a bit of Lego? If your little ones are too young to play with these iconic plastic bricks, why not give Lego DUPLO World for Apple and Android a try?

Kids can build trains, cars and planes in the app and most importantly, play with them when they’re done. If you’re looking for an app to help build problem-solving and reasoning skills, you can’t go wrong.

Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Academy was created to help children around the world learn basic maths and reading skills in a fun and exciting way. The Khan Academy Kids app is available on both Apple and Android and is perfect for kids under eight. Little ones can go at their own pace at a level that’s appropriate to them.

There’s an app available on Apple and Android for older kids too, meaning everyone in the family can learn new valuable skills.

Note: Bear in mind that the Khan Academy is American, so there may be some vocabulary and pronunciation differences.

Disney Now

Would we really have an article without mentioning Mickey Mouse and friends? On the Disney Now website, your little one can access a wide range of family-friendly games featuring all their favourite characters.

While all the games aren’t 100% educational, there are some cool ones where kids can build shapes, mix colours and match objects. We love Minnie’s Magnificent Garden, where you have to plant seeds and grow veggies for Minnie to take to market.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to fun educational games – we bet you’ll have as much fun playing them as the kids do!

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