5 Ways Faster Internet Can

Make Working from Home Easier

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The last few years has seen a major shift in the way we work. With more people than ever working from home (WFH), a fast internet connection is now crucial for day-to-day efficiency and productivity.

Here at Fibre Heroes, we want you to get the most out of your internet so we’ve put together a short list of reasons why having a faster broadband can making WFH much easier.

  1. Video calls

There’s nothing worse than trying to lead an online meeting and all your colleagues can hear is a garbled mix of words along with an unflatteringly frozen image. Faster internet can mean the difference between an informative team meeting and a frustrating waste of time.

  1. Sending and receiving large files

For every person working from home, a download speed of at least 10 Mbps is required and at the very least 1 or 2 Mbps for uploads.

However, if your work relies heavily on receiving and uploading large files throughout the day, a slow connection is likely to hamper productivity. Faster internet can provide close to instant uploads and downloads making sending those important emails a breeze.

  1. Multi-devices

You may have heard the term ‘bandwidth’, which refers to the amount of data being transmitted at any given moment, and your internet speed determines how long it takes for that data to be transmitted.

When working from home, you may require multi-devices to do your work effectively or you may live with someone who also works from home.

This is where you may experience poor connectivity. A faster broadband can dramatically reduce lag time and keep you connected no matter who might be using the internet.

  1. Online research and browsing

Internet browsing shouldn’t take up too much data but if you’re working from home and your job requires multiple pages to be open all at once, you may see the loading time increase, especially if those pages include video content.

Faster internet can prevent unnecessary interruptions during your working day, and we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for pages to load when you’re in the flow.

  1. Professionalism

It can often be difficult to maintain level of professionalism when working from home.

Slow internet can not only interfere with calls and day-to-day online tasks, but it can also change your applications to ‘offline’ mode, making it appear you’re not available or worse, not working at all.

Upgrading to a faster broadband can keep you connected and available to your team.

Check your connection

If you’re struggling with slow or poor internet speeds, it important to first check your line to make sure it isn’t faulty or there aren’t any outages in your area that could cause prevents your internet working at full capacity.

Once this has been checked and working from home is still proving difficult because of your internet speed, it could be the time to change your provider. Why not try our postcode checker to see if your area can receive ultrafast broadband?

Time for an upgrade?

Transitioning from the office to working from home has its pros and cons but a faster internet connection can make things much easier.

Going from business broadband to residential broadband can really affect productivity, but Fibre Heroes can help. We provide ultrafast broadband to underserved and rural areas and your town could be next.

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